What’s my skin type?

What is my skin type? What products do I need to use? Is anybody confused? With sooo much information out there I’m not surprised!

The important thing is to get the correct information for YOU and YOUR own skin. There is no one size fits all solution to perfect skin.   Our skin as is as unique as we all are and therefore it needs tailor made skincare to be at it’s best.

At Mimi’s we do just this – every facial is customised to your specific skin needs.   We will assess your skin type and skin condition, chat to you about what concerns you about your skin, and what you like about your skin and from there we can advise a homecare/salon routine that suits YOU and YOUR skin.

Remember just ‘cuz something is perfect for your bestie or your fave celeb, does not mean it’s perfect for you!

So why not avoid the hype and information overload and pop by for a complimentary skin consultation at Mimi’s.  We will aim to give you, your best skin ever.

How to protect against UV rays

So here we are mid-January and we are all still fighting those January blues, but did you know that you should also be fighting those UV rays?!
I know you might look out the window and think I’m mad because all you can see is grey skies, that look like they will be here forever. The thing is UV rays are damaging our skin everyday of the year be it hail, rain or sunshine. The reason for this is that UVA rays are present everyday – these are the ‘bad guys’ as they can penetrate through the clouds and even glass windows and cause harm to our skin.

And what’s more is that SPF alone does not stop UVA rays. SPF only combats UVB rays – these are the rays that are stronger on a sunny day. When choosing your everyday sun protection, it is vital that you choose a broad-spectrum product that specifically sates on the label that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. If it is a broad-spectrum sun protection it will usually have the SPF and UVA written on the box or it may state that it is broad-spectrum. One to watch out for is foundations – using your foundation as your everyday sun protection is usually not enough as a lot of foundations only contain an SPF, so it is missing the UVA protection.

Why is it so important to protect against UVA rays? UVA rays penetrate deeper into our skin layers than UVB rays. UVA are the ones that age us and cause pigmentation damage in our skin cells, they can increase oxidative stress in our cells and newer research is showing that it can play a part in developing cancers in the skin.


So, what I recommend is to make applying a good broad-spectrum sun protection product every morning, your New Year’s resolution! A firm favorite here at Mimi’s is SkinCeuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF 50. It’s light-weight, it does not leave a sticky residue and of course it protects against both UVA and UVB rays.